How Bangladesh took on a global killer with the world’s only diarrhoeal disease hospital | THE TELEGRAPH

IN Dhaka, Bangladesh, two-month-old Sammiya flops lifelessly in her mother’s arms, her eyes glazed over.

She is suffering from diarrhoea. This may not sound life-threatening – for most of us (in the West) diarrhoea is unpleasant, it might ruin a holiday or mean a few days off work at worst – but for many people across the world it is a killer.

Globally, a child under five dies every two minutes as a result of diarrhoea: 500,000 a year. Sammiya will not be one of them. She is being treated in the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B) in Dhaka, the only diarrhoeal hospital in world, which treats 220,000 patients a year…

The Telegraph | 23rd May 2018

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