Legal assault: Victims of rape in South Asia face further violation from the courts | THE ECONOMIST

WHEN a judge in the high court of the Indian state of Rajasthan recently acquitted a man of rape, he noted of the accuser, “Her hymen was ruptured and vagina admitted two fingers easily. The medical opinion is that the prosecutrix may be accustomed to sexual intercourse.” The implication was that only a virgin can... Continue Reading →


World Cup fever stokes bitter rivalries in Bangladesh, despite the fact it doesn’t have a team | THE TELEGRAPH

DESPITE the fact that its team has never qualified for the World Cup, football fans in Bangladesh are adopting other country's teams as their own, stoking bitter rivalries. Last week, rival supporters of Argentina’s Lionel Messi and Brazil’s Neymar fought with machetes in the town of Bandar.  One man and his son were critically wounded... Continue Reading →

Getting Down with the Kids

On April 9th in Brussels hip hop artists Uncle Suel and Laioung joined MCs Dekay, Mils, LeeN, and Mos Prob in a rap battle hosted by MTV Voices. The key performers were eight MEPs. The event, held in the European Parliament, aimed at encouraging young people to vote in the upcoming European elections. Some have... Continue Reading →

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