Bangladesh’s biggest city plans to ban cycle rickshaws| THE ECONOMIST

Millions of people could lose their livelihoods

DHAKA |For many Westerners, the cycle rickshaw (also known as the cyclo or pedicab) is an iconically Asian form of transport. In fact, most Asian cities have long since abandoned them (and a few European and North American cities have taken them up). But in Bangladesh the cycle rickshaw is as popular as ever. In the capital, Dhaka, rickshaws can be seen creaking down almost every street. Dhaka’s administrators, however, would like to consign its rickshaws to the past, too.

In July the city banned rickshaws on three main roads. All of Dhaka will be “rickshaw-free” within two years, says Mohammed Atiqul Islam, the mayor of the northern half of the city. “Dhaka has a traffic problem,” explains Dhrubo Alam of Dhaka Transport Co-ordination Authority…

The Economist | was 7th November 2019

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