How a shampoo bottle is saving young lives | THE ECONOMIST

How a shampoo bottle is saving young lives ON HIS first night as a trainee paediatrician in Sylhet, Bangladesh, Mohamad Chisti (pictured above) watched three children die of pneumonia. Oxygen was being delivered to them, through a face mask or via tubes placed near their nostrils, using what is called a basic “low-flow” technique which... Continue Reading →


Legal assault: Victims of rape in South Asia face further violation from the courts | THE ECONOMIST

WHEN a judge in the high court of the Indian state of Rajasthan recently acquitted a man of rape, he noted of the accuser, “Her hymen was ruptured and vagina admitted two fingers easily. The medical opinion is that the prosecutrix may be accustomed to sexual intercourse.” The implication was that only a virgin can... Continue Reading →

Failure to launch | THE ECONOMIST

French Guiana, in South America, seeks more autonomy from France Protests in the second-poorest of France’s overseas departments enter their fifth week OF ALL the voters fuming about neglect by out-of-touch politicians in distant Paris, the people of French Guiana have perhaps the strongest case. It is the second-poorest of France’s five overseas departments (DOMs).... Continue Reading →

Belgian girls aren’t easy | THE ECONOMIST

Europe is trying to teach its gender norms to refugees. This turns out to be more complicated than it sounds WHEN Julian Creedon moved from Jersey to Réunion in 2006 the island seemed like a surfer’s paradise: “White beaches, epic waves, it was perfect.” But last month Alexandre Naussance, a 26-year-old fellow surfer, became the eighth... Continue Reading →

Re-Education | THE ECONOMIST

Students starting college are trained in how to avoid committing rape AT THE University of Minnesota, some 5,700 new students arrived on campus for orientation earlier this month. Each one of them has taken a course on campus sexual assaults. A new law, which came into effect on August 1st, made it mandatory for all... Continue Reading →

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