Bangladesh’s biggest city plans to ban cycle rickshaws| THE ECONOMIST

Millions of people could lose their livelihoods DHAKA |For many Westerners, the cycle rickshaw (also known as the cyclo or pedicab) is an iconically Asian form of transport. In fact, most Asian cities have long since abandoned them (and a few European and North American cities have taken them up). But in Bangladesh the cycle... Continue Reading →

Bangladesh tries to muffle the siren song of the capital

But climate change displaces farmers and factories lure them MONGLA | Industrial zones, residential developments, clinics and universities—the mayor of Mongla’s ideas for his town’s expansion seem a bit ambitious. Mongla has a mere 40,000 people; his office is in a crumbling building hemmed in by forest. But in five years, Zulfikar Ali insists, Mongla... Continue Reading →

Failure to launch | THE ECONOMIST

French Guiana, in South America, seeks more autonomy from France Protests in the second-poorest of France’s overseas departments enter their fifth week OF ALL the voters fuming about neglect by out-of-touch politicians in distant Paris, the people of French Guiana have perhaps the strongest case. It is the second-poorest of France’s five overseas departments (DOMs).... Continue Reading →

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