How climate change is fuelling a migration crisis in Bangladesh | THE TELEGRAPH

DHAKA | As Bangladesh recovers from another cyclone, an internal migration crisis is deepening in this country, one of the most vulnerable in the world to the effects of climate change. At the start of May, Cyclone Fani hit eastern India, killing 42 people, before moving into Bangladesh. Some 17 people were killed here – a relatively... Continue Reading →

After making peace with Eritrea, can Africa’s new star leader usher in peace for Ethiopia? | THE TELEGRAPH

They share a common language, a shared Christian heritage, and hundreds of years of history. But for more than 20 years, Ethiopians and Eritreans were separated by a bitter conflict and militarised frontier sealed as tightly as the Berlin wall or the Korean demilitarised zone. Now, Eritreans and Tigrayan Ethiopians are mingling again - in what has been hailed... Continue Reading →

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