Outnumbered on the Western Front

There's more, however, to influence in the EU than flexing a bit of high-ranking muscle. We also need to have the odd regular fonctionnaire roaming around the Berlaymont singing 'Rule Britannia!'


Intern Ever After

We don't get free tea and coffee in the Commission, tax payers will be delighted to know. Thus the queue for the coffee machines, where thoroughly unappetising coffee is only 30 cent, is normally very long. Recently when bracing myself to pretend the shot size café au lait I was purchasing was equal to if … Continue reading Intern Ever After

Can You Speak Commission?

In recompense for Cameron's diplomatic incompetence, Farage's smug grin, Blair's diplomatic incompetence and smug grin, the Battle of Waterloo, the Spanish Armada, Henry VIII calling Anne of Cleve's ugly, and pretty much everything else since William the Conqueror, Brits in Brussels are frequently subjected to 'words' such as 'planification', 'conditionalities' and 'comitology'.