These Rohingya women escaped persecution. Now, they’re fighting for justice.

SINCE August, more than 680,000 Rohingya have fled Burma’s Rakhine state. To escape persecution, they crossed the border into Bangladesh, where they now occupy about 24 refugee camps near Cox’s Bazar. For years, the Rohingya, an ethnically distinct Muslim minority, have clashed with the majority Buddhist population in Burma, also known as Myanmar. The Burmese... Continue Reading →


‘A lot of shame’: Rohingya camps brace for wave of babies conceived in rape | THE WASHINGTON POST

UKHIA, Bangladesh — For the thousands of Rohingya refugees who fled a violent crackdown in Burma, a new crisis looms: The babies conceived in rape are due soon. Doctors Without Borders has recorded 160 cases of pregnant rape victims between August 2017 and February 2018 in the vast refu­gee camps in Bangladesh. That number is expected to rise... Continue Reading →

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