Seeking Peace: Stories of Women and War | Episode 1

Episode 1: Why Women with Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell says women are an untapped solution to today’s biggest problems. And: we hear from Rohingya women who are building a case against the government of Myanmar.

We take you to the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh, where a group of Rohingya women are building a case against the government of Myanmar. Journalist Susannah Savage and producer Brenna Daldorph traveled to the camps in south east Bangladesh on the border with Myanmar where hundreds of thousands of refugees now call home. Most of them are Rohingya Muslims who fled a brutal crackdown by the Myanmar army in the summer of 2017. Susannah and Brenna spoke with Rohingya women there who are making sure their voices are heard around the world….

seeking peace audio visual

Seeking Peace is a new podcast that explores the roles of women in war and peace. Women are not just victims of conflict. They are leaders, and often unsung heroes. We bring you their stories. This podcast is a production of Georgetown’s Institute for Women, Peace & Security. Listen and subscribe on iTunes/Apple Podcast AppStitcherSpotify or Google Play.

Seeking Peace | 31st January 2019

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