Use it or lose it: EU plans to move closer to the Swedish model for parental leave | THE ECONOMIST

Even as Sweden has second thoughts about aspects of its ultra-generous system

WHEN Johan Braven had his first child he took nine months of leave. For the second he took ten months, the same amount as his wife. “I was afraid of not having the bond if I didn’t spend time at home with the children too,” says Mr Braven. The first country in the world to allow couples to split parental leave (in 1974), Sweden offers each couple 480 days between them for each child. During the first 390 of those days, they are paid at close to 80% of their previous salary—by taxpayers. Ninety of those 480 days are reserved for each parent. The time can be taken up until the child is eight.

Parents in the rest of Europe are far less generously treated…

The Economist | 23rd November 2017

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