The Economist

HEALTH CARE, How a shampoo bottle is saving young lives

LEGAL ASSAULT, Victims of rape in South Asia face further violation from the courts

WORKING MOTHERS, A pasteurisation machine for breast milk

USE IT OR LOSE ITEU plans to move closer to the Swedish model for parental leave

ONE HUNDRED YEARS SINCE SERVITUDE: The legacy of Indian migration to European colonies

FAILURE TO LAUNCH, French Guiana, in South America, seeks more autonomy from France

BELGIAN GIRLS AREN’T EASY, Europe is trying to teach its gender norms to refugees

GET HITCHED OR HIKE, As Britain and the European Union prepare to divorce, many of their citizens contemplate tying the knot

GOING POSTED, The EU may force labour exporters to pay local union wages

GO HOME YANKEE, The presence of American troops on foreign soil is growing more controversial

SLAVERY’S LEGACIES, American thinking about race is starting to influence Brazil, the country whose population was shaped more than any other’s by the Atlantic slave trade

RE-EDUCATION, Students starting college are trained in how to avoid committing rape


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