Belgian girls aren’t easy | THE ECONOMIST

Europe is trying to teach its gender norms to refugees. This turns out to be more complicated than it sounds WHEN Julian Creedon moved from Jersey to Réunion in 2006 the island seemed like a surfer’s paradise: “White beaches, epic waves, it was perfect.” But last month Alexandre Naussance, a 26-year-old fellow surfer, became the eighth... Continue Reading →

Re-Education | THE ECONOMIST

Students starting college are trained in how to avoid committing rape AT THE University of Minnesota, some 5,700 new students arrived on campus for orientation earlier this month. Each one of them has taken a course on campus sexual assaults. A new law, which came into effect on August 1st, made it mandatory for all... Continue Reading →

Slavery’s legacies | THE ECONOMIST

American thinking about race is starting to influence Brazil, the country whose population was shaped more than any other’s by the Atlantic slave trade ALEXANDRA LORAS has lived in eight countries and visited 50-odd more. In most, any racism she might have experienced because of her black skin was deflected by her status as a... Continue Reading →

Go home, Yankee | THE ECONOMIST

The presence of American troops on foreign soil is growing more controversial AT THE end of July the United States army announced plans to hand back 15 square miles (40 square km) of land on Okinawa to the Japanese government. This will be the biggest land return in the island, home to almost 30,000 American... Continue Reading →

Going posted | THE ECONOMIST

The EU may force labour exporters to pay local union wages THREE years ago, the STX France shipyard in Saint-Nazaire was on the brink of closing down. Then it landed contracts to build a fleet of giant ships for the cruise lines Royal Caribbean and MSC Cruises. Thousands of locals expected to be hired. But... Continue Reading →

Get hitched or hike | THE ECONOMIST

As Britain and the European Union prepare to divorce, many of their citizens contemplate tying the knot DELPHINE was born in Jersey, a crown dependency of the United Kingdom, and holds a British passport. She and her Mexican boyfriend, José, intend to move to Paris from Mexico. When she heard that Britain had voted to... Continue Reading →

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