Explore the world’s largest mangrove forest | National Geographic

Get off the beaten path in the Bangladeshi Sundarbans From above, the Sundarbans mangrove forest is an impressive labyrinth of colors and textures. The clear blues of the Bay of Bengal run into the murky waters of criss-crossing river systems lined by emerald foliage.   “Drifting down the river for a few days is like escaping into... Continue Reading →

How climate change could be causing miscarriages in Bangladesh | BBC

In small villages along the eastern coast of Bangladesh, researchers have noticed an unexpectedly high rate of miscarriage. As they investigated further, scientists reached the conclusion that climate change might be to blame. Journalist Susannah Savage went into these communities to find out more. "Girls are better than boys," says 30-year-old Al-Munnahar. "Boys do not... Continue Reading →

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