Get hitched or hike | THE ECONOMIST

As Britain and the European Union prepare to divorce, many of their citizens contemplate tying the knot DELPHINE was born in Jersey, a crown dependency of the United Kingdom, and holds a British passport. She and her Mexican boyfriend, José, intend to move to Paris from Mexico. When she heard that Britain had voted to... Continue Reading →

Intern Ever After

We don't get free tea and coffee in the Commission, tax payers will be delighted to know. Thus the queue for the coffee machines, where thoroughly unappetising coffee is only 30 cent, is normally very long. Recently when bracing myself to pretend the shot size café au lait I was purchasing was equal to if... Continue Reading →

Can You Speak Commission?

In recompense for Cameron's diplomatic incompetence, Farage's smug grin, Blair's diplomatic incompetence and smug grin, the Battle of Waterloo, the Spanish Armada, Henry VIII calling Anne of Cleve's ugly, and pretty much everything else since William the Conqueror, Brits in Brussels are frequently subjected to 'words' such as 'planification', 'conditionalities' and 'comitology'.

An Unidentified ‘European’ Object

"French girls are a bit stuck up, the Mediterraneans want to fiesta all the time, the Germans are uptight, the Scandinavians are hot, and nobody understands the British sense of humour": the usual stereotypes are conformed to and defied in equal measure and this provides a convenient source of conversation in the first few awkward... Continue Reading →

Getting Down with the Kids

On April 9th in Brussels hip hop artists Uncle Suel and Laioung joined MCs Dekay, Mils, LeeN, and Mos Prob in a rap battle hosted by MTV Voices. The key performers were eight MEPs. The event, held in the European Parliament, aimed at encouraging young people to vote in the upcoming European elections. Some have... Continue Reading →

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